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Face it: Having Dope Visuals Plays A Key Role In Your Online Marketing Campaigns

We’ve all been there: you have a dope idea for a brand so you start an instagram page for it, you want it to have thousands of followers and likes and you do what the platform is meant for so you post a picture and then…NOTHING. Some time goes by, you have your close friends and family follow your page but its still just another page amongst millions. You’ve tried apps, you cant afford to keep paying graphic designers or videographers to create the dope content you see the big pages have. You give it a few days, open the app again, and you’re staring at a blank page, and suddenly everything is still. You can’t make a single move.

Meanwhile, visions of perfection float in your head, darting in and out of your consciousness. You can’t seem to grab them before they slip away. Even if you could, you fear you couldn’t make them reality without the proper budget.

Time is passing, and with it, you’re missing out on all of the other things you could be doing. You could be delivering your customers real value, but you can’t even seem to get started. Every moment that passes is money down the drain.

So, you do what every other person in your position does: you “steal.” You scour facebook and instagram for memes and links from your “inspiration” vault, trying to find something that brings that vision back to your head.

And a new instagram account with zero activity is born: a mishmash of a recycled inspirational memes, photos you didn’t take, and no posts to keep visitors on your page or wanting to visit your business or website.

It might get you by, but it falls way short of your vision. You’ve put so much passion and energy into your product or company. It doesn’t feel right to put its soul into a body that’s so lifeless.

All of this wouldn’t be so frustrating if it just didn’t matter. If it didnt seem like the successful brands hired someone with a camera to follow them around, someone who could edit awesome videos and was a mastermind with photoshop. If social media didn’t seem to play such a key role in getting recognized and the graphics were just a bonus.

These days, social media and what is on your pages is more important than ever for getting taken seriously. Look at any popular app you use day-to-day: from Facebook, to Twitter, and now even Google. The bar has been raised higher than ever. Good content is no longer a “nice-to-have.” Good content is a must.

To make things even more challenging, production timelines have gotten tighter and tighter. Teams are moving forward faster than ever, with disciplines like design and development converging on tasks like never before. You need design to contribute in today’s world – not only to stand out, but to even stay relevant.

Boring or no content destroys credibility

How has design managed to become such a critical skill in today’s world? It may seem as if design somehow creates value out of thin air.

It turns out, that’s pretty much what good design does. It gives you instant credibility.

In a pioneering study, B.J. Fogg – who started Stanford University’s “Persuasive Technology” Lab on Stanford’s always-sunny, sequoia-tree-lined campus, discovered that design is the most important factor customers use in determining the credibility of websites. Participants in the study reviewed websites, and commented on whether they found them to be credible or not.

Over 46% of all comments about whether someone trusted a site or not were about the visual design of the site.

People said sites they trusted were “more professional-looking,” or that they “just looked more credible.”

Do you have any idea how to make something “more professional-looking,” or “just look more credible?” Probably not. That’s why you’re here.

It’s amazing that in a world where we know so much, things as simple as fonts and colors still make little sense. When you ask a designer about them, you get descriptions as head-scratching as the comments from Fogg’s credibility study. Yeah, you get that this font is “cool,” but WHY!?

You don’t have to have a degree to create

I’m Terrill Clark, the man behind this course. I’ve been a part of this seemingly secret society of individuals who create content for artists, brands and businesses. I never went to college to get a degree in Graphic Design, I stumbled into it because I wanted to learn how to bring my ideas to life.

After watching countless tutorials online, spending countless hours online searching “how to…” in every adobe program and then creating content for people online, I decided to create this course. There are so many people who want bring ideas to life but feel like they don’t have a fighting chance because they can’t get the visual portion right.

I started working with music artists because it was fun to me and there was always a new project to start. Singles, albums, video trailers, you name it!

The one thing I’ve noticed is that EVERYBODY is looking for someone to help with their digital marketing. Business owners, rappers, actors, singers, clothing lines….EVERYONE! I also learned that there is not enough time in the day for me to assist everyone in helping bring their visions to life. With this course, you’ll no longer need to hire graphic designers or just post boring pictures.

You’ll learn EXACTLY what I do to create for my clients and be able to create amazing content for yourself. You’ll get a crash course that will allow you to do what I do and save yourself money! No more going to fiverr or the graphic designer in your comment section!

Course Overview:

This course has 12 sections where we give a crash course on everything from adobe software to designing websites for yourself or clients!​

The problem most people have when trying to learn design is they get overwhelmed. Learning something new is very intimidating, especially computer software. When most people think of graphic design or website design, they think of someone who has spent years in art school or who has been working on computers their whole life.


The reason many beginners get overwhelmed is they don’t understand what they see. They know they’re seeing great design, but it’s not clear just what is happening to make that great design.

This course is designed to help you make comfortable progress, so you don’t get overwhelmed, and you can concentrate on the key components one piece at a time.


Can you make yourself spend a little time to practice each day? Most people find themselves giving up because programs look foreign and all of the functions can be intimidating.

What they should be doing is making a habit out of practicing. Research shows that you’ll have an easier time making a habit of something if you start small.

If you’ve ever tried to start a workout program, chances are you worked out really hard for a day, then totally burnt yourself out. You didn’t have the energy to keep the program going.

Instead of trying to get through the entire course in one day, we recommend watching one section per day then spending about an hour practicing. Links that really helped me get started will be posted in the tutorial corner on digitaltrapperacademy.com This will guide you through understanding the functions and keep you from getting burnt out.


Most online communities like this charge a monthly fee, but, since you’ll be one of the pioneering members of the community, you’ll get lifetime access to the group with just one payment.


I guarantee your satisfaction

Every day, I get up with the mission of opening the mind of individuals because so many of us are caught in this typical 9-5 mentality and then we’re supposed to retire. I want everyone to be able to create their own realities and live the lives they want. I’ve dedicated the past several years of my life to learning things in my own time, applying things I’ve learned and all of the successes as well as failures that come with the journey. I intend on sharing my knowledge in the most engaging, eye-opening, and effective way possible.

I stand by the things I make. The things you’ll learn will pay off for you hundreds if not thousands of times over in your lifetime if applied correctly.

Terrill Clark II
SilentDinero, LLC


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