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Why Employers Are Drawn to Online Boot Camp Learners

Many of today’s leading employers are beginning to embrace new models of education, including online learning. As a result, we see a number of employers hiring online boot camp students due to their work ethic and combination of hard skills (technical knowledge) and soft skills (adaptability, collaboration, creativity, etc.).

10 Tips for Effective Online Learning

The recent weeks have witnessed an increasing number of schools and universities around the world transition to online-only learning, as many campuses send learners home to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But the transition to online instruction doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Your Top 15 Online Boot Camp Questions Answered

You’re interested in an online boot camp—but you first want to know how it actually works. What can you expect from the online format? If you’re just discovering our boot camps, you likely have many questions that you’d like the answers to before taking the next step.